White Wedding

Galeria Nuno Sacramento, 2014

Realidade Paralela

Sérgio Currais, 2014

Imagine a reality coexisting with two parallel dimensions. One of these dimensions would be simply the one that we live in, where we exist as ourselves. The second, an alternate reality where all of us would have another one, a projection of a world without constraints of any order, an almost cinematic existence within an imaginary admittedly obscure.

The White Wedding series is more an immersion in the universe perplexing, but always with the beauty present, and where the irony and humor also mark a space. This time, making it invisible not only the faces but also the bodies of two unlikely betrothed, a singular ceremony coming from a black dream photographed in white. Festive pictured with bandages. Smiles of faces not disclosed. The union of two strangers, nonexistent beings. Crosses and guns, karaokes of deceased, a plastic child, giveaways and a cleaver. The dance between life and death satirized by the lens.

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