Plano B, Porto, 2014

Maf, Genetic Variations

Sérgio Currais, 2014

MAF Genetic Variations is the result of a combination of Nuno Horta photography with the sculptural pieces of Albano Martins. Just as the title of this series is inspired by genetics (MAF, Minor Allele Frequency, a variant of a gene), this combination results in variations of a beauty dicotomia, exposed and hidden in a female. Images of naked bodies of women, alternative faces masked heads.

There will a place in front of a camera for a hidden soul? In this exercise it is established first a duality between body and work but inevitably ends in fusion, making it almost impossible to look separate from each other, woman and sculpture. The body vehicle is not supported or becomes part of the work itself. Become only one, with the image that creates fictional beings. Imaginary women for imaginary faces.

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