Extreme Ways

CAE São Mamede, Guimarães, 2009

Extreme Ways

Sérgio Currais, 2009

Imagine a reality with two coexisting and parallel dimensions. One of these dimensions would be simply that we live in, where we exist as ourselves. The second, an alternate reality in which we would all have an alter ego, a projection of “a world without the constraints of any order, an existence in an almost cinematic imagery admittedly obscure.

The photographic works of Nuno Horta establish this passage. His eyes interprets the people he sees in the real dimension, then he transforms them. In an exercise discovering this darkness self, then settles a visual manifestation of a certain appeal that lodges hidden in the most inaccessible places of the human mind. The allure on this dichotomy between good and evil, so to define, is also the result of author’s youth, marked by gothic and punk influences, and a host of latenttransgression. This artistic fiction is so dark and shining. The atmosphere is terrifying, but enigmatically seductive. Which establishes the border?

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